Se-PILL - The first selenium + vitamin E pill

What is the Se-PILL?

The first selenium + vitamin E pill.


What is the Se-PILL for?

Better selenium supply for cow and calf. Less muscle weakness.


Why Se-PILL?
Vitamin E boosts selenium effect.


How effective is the Se-PILL?
Scientific tests showed that the Se-PILL lasts for 3 weeks.


What cows is it for?
Cows low in selenium.


How to detect low selenium?
Examine blood for selenium.


What consequences may low selenium have in cows?
Weak muscles. Decubitus. Retained placenta. Fertility disorders.


What consequences may low selenium have in newborn calves?
Weak muscles. Reduced ability to suck. Reduced ability to stand. Overall weakness.


When should the Se-PILL? be given?
1 pill 3 weeks prior to expected calving day.


What is the Se-PILL made of?
Sodium selenite and vitamin E.

What is the
Se-PILL legally?
Feed material.


Se-PILL - Scientifically tested.


1 package contains 4 pills.

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