Liquid feed supplement with niacin, propylene glycol and vitamins for cows and heifers after calving


AGRIDrench Niacin for a perfect start of lactation after calving.

  • Prevents energy deficiency after calving.
  • Lowers the risk of ketosis.
  • Contains fast available niacin.
  • Contains propylene glycol as a starting energy.
  • Contains vitamin B-complex to increase appetite.
  • Ensures a healthy start of lactation.
  • Rapid absorption trough the “Drench”-Method.

Approximately 3 to 4 weeks after calving the cow again reaches the maximum milk production, however, the maximum feed intake is achieved after 6 to 9 weeks. Precisely in these weeks of lactation it may cause problems in the metabolism; a situation called a negative energy balance. The cow is now trying to compensate for this nutritional gap by reducing the body's own reserves. Especially high yielding cows, which are in a negative energy balance, tend to develop ketosis (metabolic disorder).

What are the possible consequences of ketosis?
Reduced feed intake, weight loss, fatty liver, fertility problems, retained placenta, increased risk to a displaced abomasum, hoof diseases, degradation of performance, high treatment costs and in many cases loss of dairy.

How do I recognize a ketosis?
No appetite, rapid weight loss, low milk yield, aceton smell, inertia and

incoordination, nervous behaviour or by examinate blood, urine or milk.


Approximately 30% of all fresh lactating animals suffer from subclinical ketosis and about 3% suffer from clinical ketosis. Breeds with a high milk yield become ill more often

Helpful measures to prevent ketosis:

  • Offer high quality feed (avoid fat feed in particular in the last third of lactation)
  • Provide feed with an appropriate energy and nutrient care
  • Offer specific preparation feeding (with performance-related protein-energy ratio)
  • Achieve optimal body condition at drying off (BCS from 3,25 to 3,75).
  • Drenche energy drinks (AGRIDrench Niacin) after calving.

AGRIDrench Niacin is an energy drink that contains both niacin and propylene glycol as well as a vitamin B complex. Precisely this vitamin B complex ensures the stimulation of appetite and thus boosts its own metabolism.


Feeding 200 ml AGRIDrench Niacin at the following features:

  • all fatter animals: 10 days before calving
  • high performance animals: immediately after calving, and then 3 days once a day
  • young animals: immediately after calving, and then 3 days once a day
  • all animals, whose appetite must be stimulated

If required, the application can be repeated. CAUTION: Please ensure that there is a swallowing reflex!

AGRIDrench Niacin is available in 5 liter containers.


With the drench method the drenchgun is inserted between the cheeks and the molar teeth into the so-called oral vestibule. This way the solution (AGRIDrench Calcium, AGRIDrench Niacin or CCDrench™) directly flows behind the tongue into the esophagus so the cow cannot taste it. This ensures a stress-free and easy administration of forage supplements to animals.


Advantages of the drench method:

  • No irritation caused by the taste.
  • Less risk of choking.
  • No risk for the solution to flow into the lungs.

SUGGESTION: before inserting the gun into the cow's mouth, warm up the copper tube in warm water in order to not scare or irritate the cow!

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