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AUXILIUM® teat disinfectant | AUXILIUM® Sprint
AUXILIUM® Sprint teat disinfectant


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The fast-acting broad-spectrum
Pre- and Postmilking teat disinfectant

AUXILIUM® Sprint is a two-component teat disinfectant that can be applied either right before or after milking. AUXILIUM® Sprint excels in both its anti-bacterial properties and its skin conditioning ability.

CONTAINS: Component 1 (Base): Sodium Chlorite. Component 2 (Activator): Lactic Acid. After mixing Chlorine Dioxide is generated.

  • Effective disinfection – After mixing, the powerful germicide Chlorine Dioxide is released, which very quickly kills a wide range of harmful micro-organisms, even under organic load. And remember, the milk film left on the teats after milking is considered an organic load as well.
  • Registered BiocideAUXILIUM® Sprint is a registered biocide in numerous European countries.
  • High Levels of Emollients – The high levels of emollients ensure a smooth and healthy teat skin.
  • Extensively Tested – Numerous anti-microbiological tests have confirmed that AUXILIUM® Sprint is a highly effective teat disinfectant (see charts). Long-term field tests in Germany and the Netherlands have proven AUXILIUM® Sprint to be an excellent teat conditioner, which was confirmed when it was recently awarded the “Seal of Approval” by the German Agricultural Society.
  • Fast-acting FormulaAUXILIUM® Sprint is able to kill millions of harmful bacteria in a very short time. Even with a 10% milk challenge, the reduction within 30 seconds is more than 99,99999%.
  • Safe to Use, Residue-FreeAUXILIUM® Sprint's omponents break down into elements naturally found and leave no harmful residues in milk or the environment.

AUXILIUM® Sprint is available as a kit of: 2 x 5 liters, 2 x 20 liters, or 2 x 200 liters.


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